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Royal & Ancient by Amanda Lauer

Royal & Ancient is a riveting, coming-of-age journey rooted in faith, love, and family. Amanda Lauer has authored an enlightening story for readers of all ages.” — Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich

Adrift by Rhonda Ortiz

‟Brimming with insight, action, and intrigue, the story fully immerses the reader in the uncertain early years of our nation and the lives of a compelling cast of characters. ” — Stephanie Landsem, author of Code Name Edelweiss

Who Am I to Judge? by Emily Hanlon

‟Readers will be delighted with Hanlon’s deftly constructed mystery and vividly imagined world of colorful characters in this refreshing and hopeful tale of redemption.” —Susan Furlong, New York Times Top Ten Crime Fiction Novel of the Year

The Good Death of Kate Montclair by Daniel McInerny

“An instant classic of 21st century Catholic fiction.” — Maya Sinha, author of The City Mother

Markmaker by Mary Jessica Woods

“Here, for those with eyes to see, the truth is traced out as surely as an invisible mark upon the heart.” —Fr. Michael Rennier, Dappled Things Magazine

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