Blinding Dawn

The Scattered Worlds of Treunda, Book One

by Jonathan D. Torres

Long ago, a war fractured the world of Treunda so deeply, its three provinces lost all contact, and each one forgot the others had ever existed.

Now, the province of Vertia is dying. Its natural supply of liquid aima ran dry decades ago, and efforts to manufacture a replacement have failed. In secret, Vertia’s rulers call on Yaven, an experienced excavator, to search for aima outside Vertian territory. But one of Vertia’s rulers has his own ambitions, and Yaven and his crew will encounter enemies and obstacles beyond anything they’ve ever known.

For nearly 300 years, the people of Jorda in the province of Palnor have followed an ancient, immutable code. But when the child of Jorda’s arbiter enters the Forbidden Woods—a crime punishable by death—Jorda’s leaders are forced to question the justice of the code, as well as what really lies in, and beyond, the Forbidden Woods.

In the province of Erossia, the end of the world is fast approaching. To help people prepare for the Final Day, a youth named Ieksos is called out of his small village to study in the capital, though all he really wants is to marry his friend Aeyeni and minister to his people as a priest. However, Ieksos is destined to uncover a truth so magnificent, it will reshape Erossia’s understanding of the entire world.

As explorers begin to venture out of these three provinces for the first time in ages, they will not only discover a forgotten kingdom rich in truth, goodness, and beauty, but will also awaken unparalleled evil.