Royal and Ancient

by Amanda Lauer

Bronwyn Campbell’s end-of-summer plans were simple: wrap up her job at Saint Andrews Country Club, meet her friends one last time at the virtual reality arcade, and move across the country—again—with her father. But when lightning strikes while she’s working the club’s Saint Andrews Heritage Day, she’s transported from an American fairway to the home of golf, The Links at St. Andrews, in Scotland—and in the year 1691, no less.

When Iain MacDonald discovers Bronwyn knocked out cold on the seventeenth green, little does he know their meeting will change not only the course of their lives but the course of history. The son of the chieftain of Clan MacDonald, Iain bears the weight of responsibility for his family and his clan’s survival on his shoulders. Family drama and the growing discord over religion in Scotland add to the heavy load he carries daily while stepping further into his role as future chieftain.

As political events between England and Scotland heighten the conflict surrounding the MacDonald lands, Bronwyn and Iain rely upon their shared faith and growing feelings toward each other for survival. Amid the questions that plague both of them, though, one stands out: How can you be with the one you love if your choice ultimately influences history?

Praise for Royal & Ancient

“If you like time-travel novels, you’ll love Royal & Ancient, by Amanda Lauer. Crisp imagery, well-developed characters, and Lauer’s incredible worldbuilding make for an entertaining historical romantic adventure. Highly recommended.” —Ellen Gable, award-winning author of Where Angels Pass

Intrigue, sacrifice, family, faith, and swoony Scottish highlanders. What’s not to love? Amanda Lauer brings the past to life as she weaves historical events into a love story both sweet and poignant. A fascinating insight into the Catholic faith and what it means to live it out every day.” —Hannah Currie, author of the Crown of Promise and Daughters of Peverell series

“There is something special about Amanda Lauer’s latest book, Royal and Ancient. Her writing is wonderful and quickly draws you into an intriguing story and its characters. This time-travel historical romance serves not only as the vehicle for this seventeenth-century Scotland tale but also for an appreciation of the essential things in life and the moments and relationships to cherish. I love the way Lauer weaves in her keen sense of humor and adventure, the historical setting of her own Scottish heritage, and the power of shared faith in a romance that will please teen and adult readers.” —Jim Sano, award-winning author of the Father Tom series

“Royal & Ancient is a fun escape for girls seeking a little clean romance, seventeenth-century style. Along with a handsome Scotsman hero and intrigue, there’s a lot for readers to absorb about Scottish customs, history, and the practice of the Catholic faith.  Amanda Lauer does a great job of capturing the voice of a contemporary teenager, allowing for a lot of humorous moments as a twenty-first century girl meets a seventeenth-century boy in the YA time-travel romance.” —Carolyn Astfalk, author of Catholic novels, including All in Good Time

“Time-travel, romance, intrigue, danger, faith, and even a little golf—though not quite as we know it today. This lovely novel is as inspiring as it is compelling. Add this title to your short list of excellent, new YA Catholic fiction, and add Amanda Lauer to your list of authors not to be missed.” —Joe Durepos, Literary Agent and Editor

“Royal & Ancient is a riveting, coming-of-age journey rooted in faith, love, and family. Amanda Lauer has authored an enlightening story for readers of all ages.” —Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich

“Royal & Ancient is an illuminating peek into an era that’s frequently neglected in world history class. In this time-travel tale, Amanda Lauer deftly drops a twenty-first-century girl into a seventeenth-century world. Teen and adult readers alike will appreciate Bronwyn’s pluck and wit as she makes her way in an unfamiliar place and time and learns what it means to be persecuted for the faith. A most enjoyable read!” —Barb Szyszkiewicz, editor at and author of The Handy Little Guide to Prayer

“Tender and sweet, Royal & Ancient is a magical tale about finding love in the most unexpected of places when one puts their faith in God. Readers will be enchanted with each turn of the page.” —J’nell Ciesielski, bestselling author of The Socialite

“YA historical romance and Amanda Lauer have always been a winning combination. But add an element of time-travel and this want-to-read book becomes an immediate must-read. The story of Bronwyn and Iain is a true page-turner. Lauer has done a masterful job of intertwining romance, intrigue, history, and faith into this epic story.” —Leslea Wahl, award-winning author of YA novels The Perfect Blindside and Where You Lead

“Amanda Lauer has outdone herself again in this clever, creative, page-turning love story that straddles two different centuries. With one foot in our chaotic twenty-first century and the other in seventeenth-century Scotland, Royal & Ancient presents the romantic saga of a young American girl who finds herself hurled back more than three hundred years into the life and heart of a handsome Scottish lad. The tale provides a wish-I-lived-there-then picture of the seventeenth century. In the end, the story is about God’s radical plan for all of us: the twists and turns of the unpredictable adventures we face and the lasting relationships we find along the way.” —Chuck Neff, Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist

“Amanda Lauer has built a whirlwind tour of seventeenth-century Scotland into a lighthearted romance that ends with a dramatic bang. She illustrates culture, holidays, and practical history on every page, portraying a difficult chapter in the lives of Scottish Catholics who needed to hide their faith to survive.” —Antony Barone Kolenc, author of the award-winning medieval teen series The Harwood Mysteries