Who Am I to Judge?

Martha and Marya series, Book One

by Emily Hanlon

Coming 2023

Martha, efficient and ever busy, loves everything about volunteering at her parish—except for the annoying presence of the elderly, Bible-quoting, lavender clad Marya, known to the locals as The Purple Pest.

When a priest in the parish confesses to the murder of a parishioner, it seems that Marya is the only person who doesn’t believe in his guilt. Martha is not amused when Marya seeks her help to prove his innocence.

Although embarrassed to be associated with the odd, old woman as she accuses wealthy and influential suspects of murder, Martha is reluctantly drawn in. She realizes that this ditzy septuagenarian isn’t so ditzy after all. Together they dodge corrupt cops, untangle the truth of conflicting confessions, and save the priest who didn’t want to be saved.