Who Am I to Judge?

Martha and Marya series, Book One

by Emily Hanlon

When a priest confesses to the murder of a parishioner, everyone in the wealthy waterfront town of Pequot Bays is convinced of his guilt—everyone, that is, except Marya Cook, a Bible-quoting, lavender-clad octogenarian known to locals as the Purple Pest.

Unable to prove his innocence on her own, she draws in Martha Collins, a much younger, efficient, ever-busy church lady, to assist in her investigations. Although Martha is unwilling to associate herself with the odd old woman as she accuses wealthy and influential suspects of murder, Marya’s peculiar logic persuades her that this ditzy old woman may not be so ditzy after all.

A victim with plenty of enemies, a corrupt ambitious cop, a conflicting confession by a fellow priest, and the death of a prime suspect make the path to truth a crooked one. The rich and powerful suspects scoff at poor, dithering Marya. Can she, in the end, unveil their many secrets and prove there is more to a person than meets the eye?


‟Readers will be delighted with Hanlon’s deftly constructed mystery and vividly imagined world of colorful characters in this refreshing and hopeful tale of redemption.” Susan Furlong, New York Times Top Ten Crime Fiction Novel of the Year

‟When evil strikes not just at the heart Martha’s beloved community, but her home, she knows it is her duty to prevent a miscarriage of justice. But in order to ensure truth prevails, Martha will need to examine everything she thought she understood—and make a very unlikely alliance with the vividly memorable Marya. Who Am I to Judge is an absolute gem—a delightful mystery suffused with faith, friendship and a sparkling cast of characters that will charm readers even as it keeps them guessing until the very end!” —Wendy LaCapra, author of Scandal in Spades