Royal & Ancient

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By Amanda Lauer

Bronwyn Campbell’s end-of-summer plans were simple: wrap up her job at Saint Andrews Country Club, meet her friends one last time at the virtual reality arcade, and move across the country—again—with her father. But when lightning strikes while she’s working the club’s Saint Andrews Heritage Day, she’s transported from an American fairway to the home of golf, The Links at St. Andrews, in Scotland—and in the year 1691, no less.

When Iain MacDonald discovers Bronwyn knocked out cold on the seventeenth green, little does he know their meeting would change not only the course of their lives but the course of history. The son of the chieftain of Clan MacDonald, Iain bears the weight of responsibility for his family and his clan’s survival on his shoulders. Family drama and the growing discord over religion in Scotland add to the heavy load he carries daily while stepping further into his role as future chieftain.

As political events between England and Scotland heighten the conflict surrounding the MacDonald lands, Bronwyn and Iain rely upon their shared faith and growing feelings toward each other for survival. Amid the questions that plague both of them, though, one stands out: How can you be with the one you love if your choice ultimately influences history?

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13 reviews for Royal & Ancient

  1. Barb Szyszkiewicz

    Thoroughly enjoyable! This novel is an illuminating peek into an era that’s frequently neglected in world history class. In this time-travel tale, Amanda Lauer deftly drops a 21st-century girl into a 17th-century world. Teen and adult readers alike will appreciate Bronwyn’s pluck and wit as she makes her way in an unfamiliar place and time and learns what it means to be persecuted for the faith. I’d recommend this one for ages 12 and up.

  2. Margaret Nelson

    I stayed up way too late to finish reading this new time travel novel by Amanda Lauer. The story pulled me in right away, and I had to find out what happened to this 21st century American high school girl who gets struck by lightning and wakes up in 17th century Scotland. The story is well-written and most of the characters are loveable (of course, there has to be a villain.) I really enjoyed reading it.
    I received a complimentary copy this book from the publishers. I was not required to provide a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

  3. Christie

    I received a complimentary copy of this book and was immediately intrigued by the premise and time period. Royal & Ancient is well-researched and immersive without being dated. Can you describe a digital book as a page-turner? The reading flew by, and it never slogged or got caught up in minutiae. I enjoyed that the heroine was brought deeper into faith by her love interest. Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as an Outlander-alternative for teens and Catholic readers looking for something that resonates with their values without being preachy.

  4. Amanda H

    I always enjoy a good story about time travel! Royal and Ancient is a fun one, since Bronwyn is sent back to the late 1600’s to the very place that she works in modern times. I thought the author did a great job of writing how confusing that could be to both the person sent back in time and those who meet that person. There were some funny mix ups as Bronwyn learns to communicate with those around her.
    The history in this story is interesting, and I appreciated how Bronwyn grows as a character and in her faith as the story progresses. I was a little surprised with some of the plot twists, but there were some good surprises. Overall, this is a wonderful book for both teens and adults!
    I received a copy of this book from White House publishing. This is my honest review.

  5. Eden

    Amanda Lauer’s Royal & Ancient is a time slip YA romance filled with Scottish history and mystery. Follow Bronwyn’s journey with Iain to discover how their futures will unfold.

    Royal & Ancient is a great fit for fans of Catholic historical fiction who also want a little golf in their stories. I recommend Lauer’s book and look forward to reading more of her novels. Thank you to the author and the publisher for my advanced review copy. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

  6. Megan

    I really enjoyed this light, fun read about a teenager struck by lightning and being transported back to the 1600s in Scotland. It was fun seeing how Bronwyn dealt with going from being a 21st century teenager to having to figure out how to live in the 1600s with no technology like we have today.

    Having the book set in Scotland added another lovely element to the story and really brought it to life even more. I loved how the author sprinkled in historical details throughout the book, and how her Catholic faith shone throughout the book.

    The romantic aspect of it was done very well and in a way that makes this book appropriate reading for younger and older teenagers. I appreciated how Bronwyn had to learn to rely on God and grow in her faith. Iain made a fantastic hero in the story, one any young girl would swoon over. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys YA books with a bit of a fantasy/time travel element.

    I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. I was under no obligation to give a good review. All thoughts and opinions herein expressed are all my own.

  7. Melissa

    This is definitely an interesting read. A modern girl somehow transported back to 1690’s Scotland makes for an unusual storyline. Time travel stories aren’t one of my usual go-tos but this one sounded intriguing and I’m glad gave it a try. I liked Bronwyn and Iain and story was good. I didn’t realize before getting this book it’s published by Catholic publisher and there is a great deal about the Catholic faith within the book. As some one who isn’t Catholic that wasn’t my favorite element to the story although it was interesting to learn a bit more about that particular faith.

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.

  8. Maggie Rosario

    A delightful, energetic romp through the fields of 17th Century Scotland!

    Amanda Lauer quite artfully produces a novel that, while geared towards teens, is still a pleasure to read for someone slightly beyond that. The skill and tact with which the author deals with her well-researched history is fantastic and very realistic. I was able to lose myself for a time in the world of the past.

    The characters too leapt off the page in a way. Bronwyn, with her true America, 21st Century outlook, and Iain, as his old Scottish highlands self, were a vivid contrast to one another as well as a delightful pair to spend time with.

    There is hope of good, clean, romantic literature for teens, and Amanda Lauer proves it!

  9. Kendall Hoxsey

    If you love Scotland, time travel, clean romance, and some history then Royal & Ancient is an ideal read. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and found the main character Bronwyn very engaging. As a Catholic it was really nice to read a story that shares a lot of history and often the questions that a young adult still asks about their faith. Definitely a worthwhile read!
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.

  10. Melanie Bigelow

    I thoroughly enjoyed the story in this book. The time travel element was I think a little bit of a miss for me, but that’s because I have a very logical brain so I tend to overthink it. There was also one element related to the time travel that I wished had a little more resolution.

    The story was well written and compelling. I learned quite a bit about Scottish history and being in the highlands was so much fun. I love books set in Ireland and Scotland. I also learned a bit about Catholicism which was very interesting.

    I connected with both main characters. I think Bronwyn and Iain had a wonderful connection and kept God at the center. I felt all the emotions they were experiencing and enjoyed getting to know them. I also really enjoyed the pace of life back at this time. Overall a good read!

  11. Karen Waide

    I am a big fan of time travel stories. So, I was excited to get the chance to read Amanda Lauer’s newest release, Royal & Ancient.
    Royal & Ancient is a young adult story that takes the reader back in time to Scotland in the late 17th century. Bronwyn Campbell is a high schooler who is working at a golf course where she lives in America when she suddenly wakes up face down on the grass, discovering she is not where she is supposed to be. It takes her a while to come to grips with the reality that she has somehow traveled not only across the Atlantic Ocean to Scotland, but also through time, to 300 years in the past, 1691 to be exact.
    Thankfully she finds help in the form of a handsome Scottish guy, Iain, and his family, some of whom welcome her with open arms, others, not so much. She finds herself trying to fit in in this foreign culture, a culture that is part of her heritage.
    She is Catholic and has found herself in a Scotland where Catholicism has been outlawed. I appreciated being able to learn about this time in history. In all my studies in history in school, and what we have learned in our homeschool, I had never heard details of this time and how Catholicism was banned by the Protestant leaders in Scotland. I also enjoyed seeing how Catholicism was practiced 300 years ago compared to how I was brought up. And how the different holidays were celebrated differently.
    That said, I actually wasn’t aware that the author was Catholic, so I was caught off guard at first. So yes, there are practices that I now no longer agree with. So, I did want to bring it up so others are aware. I also really wish there had been a reason for the time traveling. Yes, it is mentioned that it was God who brought her to the past. However, in all the other time travel books I’ve read or movies I’ve watched, there is some actual WAY that the time travel happens. I also would have loved in the ending hadn’t been so abrupt and there had been a bit more to it.
    Royal & Ancient was still an interesting book to read, and had a sweet love story, and had some intrigue and suspense with a bit of danger. And it did keep my attention and I wanted to know what was going to happen to Bronwyn and Iain.
    I received this book for free from the author as a part of the launch team and was not required to write a favorable review. These are my own, honest thoughts.

  12. Carol

    First a caveat- I don’t read a lot of Young Adult fiction. It’s just not often on my TBR stack or lists. And I don’t often read fiction revolving around the Catholic faith. That said- this was a delightful read. This is a time travel story- Bronwyn, while working at a golf club gets struck by lightening and transported back in time to 1691. Which sets the stage for some obvious miscommunication.
    It’s a fun nod the the popular phrase among Christians “be careful what you pray for”.
    I liked the characters and of course had my favorites.
    The author covers a lot of 17th century Scottish and church history. Which could have seemed like reading from a textbook but the author handles it well. Providing the heroine with the knowledge (and the reader if they didn’t already know) of the why’s and how’s these characters live and the community around them. It may detract from the story for those that are well versed in church history. But the few times the history lessons are in there are also easy to skim the paragraphs if you already know such things.
    I don’t know much about Scottish history or the Jacobite rebellion so this novel was interesting in that regard. I believe her research about the times was well done.
    The twist near the end I didn’t see coming. But that’s a good thing.
    The author also writes out the dialect. Which may or may not be a deterrent for the reader.
    I know some editors would rather see a hint of the dialect and then for the readers’ sake simply keep the dialogue in English. But, I didn’t mind it. It was easy to follow.
    All in all this was a lovely novel if you want a few hours of escape, and enjoy all things Scottish and Scotland royalty.

  13. Heather Byrd

    Bronwyn is a sweet girl of the 21st century, and Iain is a responsible almost laird from the 17th century. When they meet, sparks fly. The main characters have a lot of chemistry, and I liked them together. Iain was especially easy to root for. There was a lot to like about this book. The side characters, especially Iain’s mother, were very good, as well as the sweet and swoony romance between the main characters, and the setting of beautiful Scotland. I really like the premise of the story and it was a fun and mostly light read. I had a hard time reading past the overwhelming amount of Catholicism in this book. I appreciate that the author is a Catholic, and that many in this time period were, but I feel the many details about the Catholic faith took away from the storytelling in the book and alienated those of us who believe differently from the Catholic faith. I wanted to mention that, and I feel like it should have been somewhere in the description that this story is overwhelmingly Catholic. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I love time travel, and I really hope there will be a sequel, maybe where we find out more about how the time travel happened and the side characters getting their own stories. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publishers. I was not required to provide a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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