Rebecca W. Martin

Rebecca W. Martin is a Lay Dominican and lifelong Catholic with too many cats, a deep affection for semicolons, and very few hobbies besides publishing. She is the author of two children’s books: Meet Sister Mary Margaret (OSV, 2023) and Father Drew, What Do You Do? (OSV, 2025). She serves as Acquisitions Editor for Our Sunday Visitor, freelances as Assistant Editor for Chrism Press, and volunteers as Editor for the Lay Dominicans of the Central Province of St. Albert the Great, USA.

When she’s not working and freelancing, Rebecca writes children’s books, novels, essays, and poetry; sings in a concert choir; and reads just about anything. She is also an active member of the Catholic Writers Guild, and lives in Michigan with her husband and feline assistants. She can be found on Instagram at @rebecca.w.martin and at

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