Chrism Press is pleased to announce our latest acquisition: The City Mother by Maya Sinha.


When small-town newspaper reporter Cara Nielsen finds herself unemployed and trapped in a city apartment with a toddler, she realizes how alone and unprepared she is. But above and beyond the stress of sleeplessness and isolation from other adults, Cara is plagued by a growing sense of menace. Something is wrong in the lost, lonely world she’s brought a child into, and no one around her seems to notice.

While her ambitious husband throws himself into work and grows close to another woman, Cara spirals into loneliness, confusion, and delusion. Guided by visions no one else can see, Cara is forced to confront big questions about reality and illusion, health and illness, good and evil—but finding the truth may cost her everyone she loves.


Raised in rural New Mexico, Maya Sinha was a staff writer for the Santa Fe Reporter before attending law school in California. While working as a lawyer, she wrote a newspaper humor column for two years, and now writes a monthly humor column for The Saturday Evening Post

Her essays, humor pieces, and other writing have appeared in several print and online publications, including Dappled ThingsBook & Film Globe, the Davis EnterpriseSlackjaw, and The Belladonna Comedy. Her published work is viewable at

Maya lives near Sacramento, California with her family.