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Chrism Press is excited to be partnering with Amy Thomas in The Catholic Pilgrim Podcast. She’ll be sharing a bit about Chrism Press and our books during her podcasts, and we in turn want to make sure all our readers know to check out the inspiring work she does through her podcasts, blogs, videos, and social media.

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Chrism Press is an imprint of WhiteFire Publishing dedicated to stories informed by Catholic and Orthodox Christianity. These two ancient faiths share a sacramental and incarnational vision that illuminates the imagination, as well as a centuries-old literary tradition spanning from Dante to Dostoevsky and beyond. Whether Christian themes are presented overtly, subtly, or symbolically, Chrism Press offers Spirit-filled fiction in all genres. We are not afraid of darkness; we enjoy the strange and the weird, as well as humor, romance, adventure, and fun. We strongly believe that fiction should never be boringWe invite readers to “Anoint Your Imagination” with a wide array of stories that enlighten while they entertain.

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Encountering the Death Symposium

Encountering the Death Symposium

Click here to learn more and purchase The Good Death of Kate Montclair. The origin story of my novel, The Good Death of Kate Montclair In Panera bakeries, as you may know, there is typically a community bulletin board on the wall going toward the restrooms. That’s...

Female Religious in the Catholic Church: An Evolving Role

When considering the history of the Catholic Church and the direction it is going, one constant in its structure is the distinctive roles men and women play in its running. Following in the path of its predecessor of ancient Biblical times, the Catholic Church has...

Self-Exploration and Art Through a Catholic Lens

Catholics believe art is a powerful tool for self-exploration and discovery. During the creative process we explore our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences to better understand ourselves and our place in the world, which is an important part of finding our...

Art and the Process of Recovery

Art long has been recognized for its potential therapeutic benefits, particularly in regards to overcoming trauma and facilitating the healing process. Experience and observation show that art can help us express emotions and process difficult experiences safely and...